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Content Creation

Content creation is exactly what it sounds like: creating content to contribute to a medium. Content creation can include visual art, writing, photography, videography, graphic design, and more. However, in today’s world, the term “content creation” most commonly refers to content that is created specifically to be posted on the web to communicate with consumers (Think of blogs, online video platforms, social media sites, news outlets, and other websites).

Without a strong web presence, it is far too difficult to get noticed by consumers. The Internet is often the first place people turn to when they have a question or are looking for a product or service. If something cannot be found on the Internet, one might not find that something at all. This is why content creators are vital. Content creators craft the web presence of an organization, and they make sure their organization is not only noticed, but that it provides a quality online experience for its customers.

In order to be an effective content creator, one should first be an avid content consumer. This involves:

  • Being technologically savvy
  • Reading up on current trends
  • Exploring what’s effective and what’s not effective on the Internet
  • Discovering tips and tricks that help organizations get noticed
  • Studying what makes good user experiences
  • Learning continuously
  • Paying attention to thoughts, feelings, and experiences while using the Internet
  • Writing down observations for future reference

Content creators should familiarize themselves with their intended audiences. Who will be using their organization’s website? Who will be reading their organization’s blog? Who will be experiencing their organization’s online presence? Content creators need to be able to answer these questions and more with specific users or personas in mind. Then they need to discover what the users want, how the users feel, and why the users would use what their organization has to offer.

Creativity is also an essential trait in a content creator. Consumers are looking for new and interesting experiences, and content creators need to be able to provide these experiences. Their creations need to stick out amongst their competitors and attract consumers’ attention. Keep in mind that while novelty is important in attracting attention, usefulness and applicability will make people stay. Good content creators know how to marry creativity and efficacy to create lasting impressions and to encourage long-term adoption.

There is an overwhelming amount of content already out in the world. Content creators need to be able to learn from it, know who wants what and why, and then use their own creativity and skills to create new experiences that will be meaningful to their consumers.

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