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The User Experience Team is a resource to increase UX efforts at The Office of IT. Product or project teams across campus can reach out for help in creating an end product that successfully applies the principles of good User Experience Design.

The UX Team can Help with:

  • Researching users, gathering requirements, creating personas, defining scenarios, and writing use cases
  • Creating low-fidelity prototype designs that are for user testing and customer buy-in
  • User testing at any stage of the process
  • Creating high-fidelity prototypes that are for user testing and predevelopment sign off by the customer
  • Providing detailed design specifications to save the engineer time and reduce post-development changes
  • Testing pre- and post-release
  • Creating icons and logos
  • Working with the developers to make the prototype a reality as well as defend the design
  • Making posters, banners, flyers, etc.

The Technical Writers can Help with:

  • Documenting projects
  • Writing and Editing web content
  • Taking meeting notes to document team discussions
  • Putting together project management documents
  • Creating business documents
  • Writing and reviewing Knowledge Base articles
  • Writing user manuals and instructions
  • Creating diagrams
  • Writing and reviewing marketing content

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