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View previous work from the BYU UX Team as they have helped teams create user-friendly products like websites, apps, and more.

Phish Bowl Website

The website for Information Security was completely redesigned to include helpful tools, tips, and trainings for internet security. Among these tools is the Phish Bowl to share information about potential phishing emails that are being sent to students and staff on campus.

Ensign College Application Redesign

As LDSBC changed to Ensign College, their application got a complete redesign to address the needs of the specific institution.

Educator Application

Educator is an application for the School of Education. The goal of the Educator application is to gather credentialing information to meet the CAPE standards and give students, faculty, and administration a more efficient online experience.

Aspen Grove Website

BYU Aspen Grove serves campus departments and local community organizations during the fall and winter through their community programs. Aspen Grove's online reservation and administrative application was completely redesigned to meet the needs of community users and the institute administration.

Campus Passport (Visitor Screening) App

Campus Passport was created to help the efforts of BYU during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Healthy Together application, Camus Passport met the needs of BYU administration and campus visitors by keeping the campus safe and healthy during the pandemic.

BYU Account Creation Redesign

BYU's Account Creation was redesigned to reduce the number of duplicate accounts that were bogging down various departments on campus.