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The Office of Information Technology created the User Experience Team to improve the quality of design and content for webpages and applications across campus. The Technical Writers work on a variety of projects including application development, marketing, training documents, and proposals. The Writing Guide is intended to provide a standard for quality and uniformity in voice, mechanics, and quality.

UX Design Team Philosophy

The mission of the User Experience Design Team at Brigham Young University’s Office of...

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The Voice of Brigham Young University

Although there are some special requirements and considerations for writing as a member of OIT and...

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UX Team Voice

Because the Office of IT is primarily a technological department, there are a few more things to take into...

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UX Team Personas

The audiences of the UX Design Team at BYU are wide-ranging and diverse. Sometimes you will write content...

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Messaging Examples

There is an important balancing act to perform while writing for BYU and the UX design team. Your writing should...

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Editorial Style Guide

Because the Office of IT serves people from a wide variety of countries and cultures, there is a marked need for...

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