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UX Team Voice

Because the Office of IT is primarily a technological department, there are a few more things to take into consideration when writing as a member of the UX Design Team. While your content should always be written through BYU’s voice, you should also strive to create useful technology with end-users in mind. Therefore, your writing should contain the following personality traits:

  • Innovative / Clever
  • Humble / Polite
  • Modern / Sleek
  • Clean / Shiny
  • Vibrant / Alive
  • Useful / Helpful

As you implement these personality traits in your communication, it will enable users to complete their desired tasks in an enjoyable manner. Aim for a conversational tone that lets your personality show while providing necessary information.

The UX Design Team also strives to create “polite software.” Polite software is technology that is focused on the user. Below are 14 characteristics that describe polite software.

The 14 Characteristics of Polite Software

Polite software:

  1. Is interested in you
  2. Is deferential to you
  3. Is forthcoming
  4. Has common sense
  5. Anticipates your needs
  6. Is responsive
  7. Is taciturn about its personal problems
  8. Is perceptive
  9. Is self-confident
  10. Is well informed
  11. Stays focused
  12. Is fudgeable
  13. Gives instant gratification
  14. Is trustworthy

This information about polite software is from UXmatters, a web magazine about user experience matters, providing insights and inspiration for the user experience community. For more information on polite software, visit